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Dry apple hard cider.  Light bodied with a light apple flavor, clean, crisp finish.


Semi-sweet apple hard cider.  Medium bodied with nice apple flavor.


Sweet apple hard cider.  Full bodied with plenty of apple flavor.


Semi-sweet­ cherry apple hard cider.  Made with Montmorency tart cherries, nice body and just the right amount of sweet with tart.

Hoppy Hearted

Dry­ dry-hopped hard apple cider.

Heart Throb

Semi-dry jalapeno infused apple hard cider.

Purple Heart

Sweet black raspberry apple hard cider.  Full bodied with a bursting flavor of fresh raspberries.

Pear of Hearts

Semi-sweet Perry (hard pear cider).  Medium body with simple pear flavor.

Black Heart

Semi-dry blackberry apple hard cider.  Smooth blackberry-apple flavor finishing on the drier side.

Grapeful Heart

Semi-sweet grape apple hard cider.  Concord grapes gives this cider a sweet grape flavor with a medium body.

Heart of Cin

Semi-dry cinnamon apple hard cider.  Balance of cinnamon and apple with a feeling of apple pie.

Peach of My Heart

Semi-sweet delightful blend of peaches and apples.  Crisp, light bodied, with a smooth finish.

Out of the Blue

Semi-dry blueberry apple hard cider, the hint of tartness from the blueberries make this one purely refreshing.

Distill My Heart

Semi-sweet bourbon barrel aged hard cider.


Semi-sweet coconut apple hard cider. Crisp and refreshing with a light taste of coconut cream

The Merry Mojito (seasonal summer)

Semi sweet refreshing combination of mint and lime with a hard cider kick.

Rhuberry Hearts

semi-sweet, crisp refreshing strawberry-rhubarb cider with a flavorful tart finish what makes you want more


Semi-dry to semi sweet - crisp, not too sweet, refreshing lemon hard cider


Semi-sweet -refreshing cider with subtle notes of cranberry

The Merry-Ginga

Semi-sweet - our holiday season release of a crisp cider with a light gingerbread appearance that will do a happy dance in your mouth



Semi-dry dry hopped cherry apple hard cider.  A combination of 50% Hoppy Hearted and 50% Chapple



Semi-sweet pear meets berries.  This mouthful of flavor blends a 50/50 combination of Blackheart and Pear of Hearts

Whole Hearted*

Semi-sweet/sweet with a little bit of everything.  This sample includes a bit of every flavor we have poured into a single glass.  Sounds a bit crazy, but amazingly full of flavor.

            * large sample only

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